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Here you can find downloadable software as well as papers about special Ada themes.

See here a colour picture of Lady Ada from 1838 found in the Ada Belgium Picture Galery. It was contributed by Evelyn Silva who found it "in the trash" in Lousianna, USA. For more information about the picture, see the Ada Belgium site. Here is Ada at the age of four.

The Ada Standard

The Ada standards are to be found at


20th September 2004 Add Finalization: Adding controlledness to an uncontrolled type hierarchy.
[Published in Ada Letters, Volume XIX, Number 4, December 1999.]
Updated with respect to Ada 2005: 19 June 2009
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28th January 2000 Multiple Inheritance, an early Ada9X Language Study Note (2nd September 1992) published with Tucker Taft's (the author's) kind permission.

Physical Dimensions

Physical Dimensions in Ada are an everlasting theme, so here is a collection of some pertinent methods.


5 July 2011 Ada Lexer A lexical Scanner for Ada source code (Ada 2012).
A previous version (still available) could also analyze Java source code.
8 Jan 2004 FSMedit An editor for Finite State Machines, version 3.3.
22 June 1999 Landscape A library to plot functions of two real variables.
17 June 2009 Marsaglia's Random Number Generator The random number generator has passed stringent tests for randomness and independence. It has an extremely long period (about 2**144) and produces 24 bit pseudo random numbers in the range 0..1 - upper limit excluded, no non-zero numbers smaller than 2**(-24). The algorithm was tailored for reproducibility in all CPUs with at least 16 bit integer and 24 bit floating point arithmetic. Published in Ada LETTERS, Volume VIII, Number 2, March/April 1988.
24 Oct 2005 Message Digest MD5 A direct translation into Ada of the C reference implementation of the well-known RSA Data Security, Inc. algorithm.
1 Sep 2004 Polynomials Formal manipulation of polynomials of several variables.
13 July 2011 Safe Pointers Access types modified thus disabling dangling references even with Unchecked_Deallocation.
[Appeared in Ada User Journal, Volume 20, Number 2 (July 1999) and as a reprint in
Ada Letters, Volume XIX, Number 4, December 1999.]
10 Feb 2018 Smart Pointers Another reference counted pointer package.
The implementation follows an AdaCore gem and improves it as detailed in other gems.
Ada 2012, but with removal of aspect Implicit_Dereference: Ada 2005.
Optionally sequential or tasksafe variant.
14 Dec 2011 SI Units - Checked and Unchecked A set of Ada packages to compute with dimensioned items in full generality.
[Published in German in Softwaretechnik-Trends, Vol. 22.4, November 2002.]
31 July 2002 Split'n'Join An Ada package Ada.Strings.Unbounded.Lists to split and join Strings similar to Perl.
31 Jan 2002 Translator An Ada package to write language independent messages. By using external dictionaries (e.g. the Windows registry), applications may be installed in various languages without recompilation.
An example: "Open file" translated to "Datei öffnen".
26 Jan 2006 Utilities A collection of programs to count lines of code, create a body template for a given Ada package specification, and others.

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