The Finite State Machines Editor
Version 3.3
8 January 2004

Christoph Karl Walter Grein

FSMedit is an editor for finite state machines. It is written in Ada with the graphical user's interface by alternatively Claw or GtkAda. (It has been thoroughly tested with Gnat3.14p.) Support and bug reports are welcome Letter.

GUI appearance

The meaning of the input fields in the FSMedit window should be quite intuitive. There are tooltips for the graphic buttons (GtkAda version only).

After specification of the transition diagrams, you can execute a simulation of the machine interactively or via scripts.

From the transition diagrams, Ada code can be generated; also the reverse, extraction of transition diagrams from Ada code is possible.

There are analysis tools for reachability analysis and also for comparison of two machines.

FSMedit may be installed in different languages. Currently English and German are available. Further languages can be provided without recompilation, solely by providing the translation in a language file.

FSMedit has been released under the Gnu GPL. However, since it is an editor, any software (i.e. Finite State Machine) you produce with it does not fall under any licence other than you choose yourself.

Changes with respect to the previous version:
This version adds a new special state '*' (not to be mistaken with the wild state *). Attention: This makes machines created with previous versions of this editor incompatible. There is however a simple fix to make them compatible again. Also some bug fixes are included.

To download version 3.3, choose from one of:

A complete user's manual accompanies all of the above.

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