This is a collection of small programs that were all constructed with the help of the Ada Lexer. They can be downloaded together with it. The lexer now recognizes the new Ada 2005 reserved words.

Update 26 January 2006: Make_Body

From a given Ada package spezification, create a body template. The formatting is taken from the specification. Precondition is legal Ada code. All declarations needing a completion are considered in arbitrary nesting level:

Update 23 October 2005: Colorize

Main application is the presentation of tokens of an Ada program in different colors. Output is an HTML resp. RTF file. There are some other options.
A previous version (still available) could also colorize Java files.

Update 3 September 2005: Lines_of_Code

Count the lines of code of an Ada program.

In spite of the well-known and much discussed deficiencies of such a trivial metric, this is the most often used one because of its simplicity.