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What's new?

Updated Jan 2018 Basic Ada course now also in English

Updated 10 Feb 2018 Smart_Pointers: Optionally sequential or tasksafe variant.

Updated 29 Sep 2018 SI Units: Completely new; now with improved unit syntax.

0. Ada Courses

I offer a set of Ada courses. They provide an extensive introduction into the programming language Ada. Prerequisite is knowledge of a higher programmng language.
The courses are currently in German only, but if you're interested, I can also provide an English version.

1. Ada Magica

Ada Magica is my column in Softwaretechnik-Trends, the periodical of Ada Germany as the special interest group 2.1.5 Ada of the German Informatics Society (GI). This column is dedicated to Ada's not so well-known sides. Since this is a German group, articles appear in German.

Only a few of them have been translated to English.

2. Ada

Besides downloadable software, you can find some technical papers here.


3. Java

This part will probably stay quite empty because I do not develop in Java.


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